Water Meters Installation Panel

Location: Goulburn Murray Irrigation District, Victoria

Client: Transcom Connect, on behalf of Goulburn Murray Water

Date: Apr 2014 – Feb 2015  /  Mar 2015 – Dec 2015  /  Jan 2016 – ongoing

The GMW Connection Project is a $2 billion irrigation modernisation project in Victoria’s Goulburn Murray Irrigation District (GMID). The GMID covers 68,000km2 and is Australia’s most extensive irrigation network, stretching from past Swan Hill in the west to Cobram in the east and encompassing an agricultural hub known as Victoria’s Food Bowl. The project aims to secure water savings of 429 GLpa through modernisation and rationalisation of the water supply system, including on farm irrigation efficiency activities.

Pictured is a typical site of the meter upgrade works that our ACE Water division worked on back in 2015. The old wheel is removed and replaced with remotely operated outlets. The steel ‘coffer’ dam sits in the channel and seals the channel bank, allowing the crew to remove the old wheel and install the new outlet without getting wet.

This particular installation is a 600mm outlet and will deliver up to 20 megalitres of water per day to the farm.  It is computer controlled remotely from Goulburn Murray Water’s office, some 25 km away.  The slip-gate opens and closes automatically, and adjusts the flow rate to whatever the farmer requires.

GMW appointed TransCom Connect as the Main Contractor for the GMW Connections Project.
Ace has been contracted as part of a panel to deliver irrigation meter construction for the GMW Connections Project.
The Meters Program is a key component of the GMW Connections Project and involves the replacement or rationalisation of existing irrigation outlets (predominantly Dethridge wheels) with modernised, electronic meters.

This provides:

  • Increased measurement accuracy to meet Australian Metering Standards.
  • Increased levels of service to suit the needs of different customer types (flow rates and timing).
  • More consistent flow rates to farms.
  • The ability to integrate with on-farm systems.

Typically, the works involve removing the old Dethridge wheel and replacing it with an electronic meter and concrete pit.
A temporary steel ‘coffer’ dam is constructed in the channel to prevent water entering the pit site. This allows the construction crew to remove the old wheel and install the new concrete pit without getting wet.
The new meter installation is integrated into Goulburn Murray Water’s radio network and controlled remotely from their operations support centre. The slip-gate opens and closes automatically, and adjusts the flow rate to the requirements of the farmer.

Moorabool Windfarm

Location: Mt Wallace, Melbourne, VIC

Client: Zenviron

Date:  Sept 2018 – May 2019

Work consists of the construction of 26km of access track for 50 wind turbines in the North and 31km of access track for 54 wind turbines in the south, excavation and preparation for wind turbine foundations as well as the construction of compounds, hardstands and laydown areas (used for the placing, lifting, installing of the wind turbines). ACE is also contracted to backfill all foundations with structural fill and finally rehabilitate all areas that overlap into the construction activity area.

The project is located 5km south of Ballan made up predominantly of farmland situated along the Moorabool River, the land itself is rich with cultural heritage primarily in Flora and is home to the Wadawurrung tribe. As this project is environmentally sensitive only designated construction zones will be permitted and the access to outside of these areas will be strictly prohibited, hence contaminants and waste must be kept to an absolute minimum.

The turbine blades are approx. 80m in length and weigh 20ton. (Similar to the breadth of a jumbo jet to put that into perspective.)

The installation of the first tower section by the head contractor at the windfarm project is underway, this single piece is 106 tonne and 25m long.

To help keep pace with an ambitious construction program, ACE utilised drill and blast contractors Sequel Impact Drill & Blast to assist, almost halving the excavation timeframes when dealing with hard rock excavations at the Moorabool Windfarm.

Penguin Parade Visitors Centre

Location: Phillip Island, Melbourne, VIC

Client: KANE

Date:  Feb 2018 – Sep 2019

In April 2016, the Hon. Daniel Andrews MP, Premier of Victoria announced that the Andrews Labour Government will provide $48.2 million for this major redevelopment, with the Nature Parks contributing a further $10 million, for a total project cost of $58.2 million. the new Visitor Centre due to open in late 2019.

In addition to an enhanced visitor experience, this redevelopment will allow 6.7 hectares of habitat to be restored back to the island’s penguin colonies, with the Nature Parks better placed to achieve environmental outcomes by reducing impacts on penguins and increasing penguin habitat.

ACE’s scope of works includes:

  • temporary and permanent stormwater drainage
  • construction of new carparks
  • concrete footpaths
  • soft and hard landscaping
  • swales
  • paving
  • fencing
  • maintenance (52 weeks)
  • timber decking


Truganina P9 School

Location: Truganina, Melbourne, VIC

Client: KANE

Date: 2018

The Truganina East P-9 School project consists of the construction of new school buildings and the surrounding landscape for Truganina East P-9 School as part of the GASP (Growth Area Schools Project) Government initiative.

Ace Landscape was responsible for all soft landscaping and irrigation including supply and install of associated furniture and fixtures under direction of Kane Construction.

The school is in a residential precinct and is adjacent to residential roads. In the vicinity is a sports complex, residential housing and small primary school. Noise, mud and/or dust and other factors that may affect the surrounding area were some issues monitored by ACE and the client.


Mernda Junction External Works

Location: Bridge Inn & Plenty Road, Mernda, Melbourne, VIC

Client: HACER

Date: February 2018 – February 2019

ACE were engaged by Hacer to complete the external infrastructure works at the new Mernda Junction shopping centre on Bridge Inn & Plenty Road, Mernda.

The scope of works consisted of new storm water drainage, installation of new HV conduits and substations, water reticulation system, public lighting, traffic signal intersection, concrete footpath, asphalt pavement construction and asphalt re-sheet.


Mernda Rail Extension Upgrades

Location: South Morang, Victoria

Client: John Holland

Date:  Dec 2018 – Feb 2019

As a continuation of the Mernda Rail Extension project, Ace Infrastructure were engaged by John Holland to undertake works on  McDonalds Road as well as upgrades to the South Morang Station car park (#2).

Pedestrian crossing upgrade works on McDonalds Road consisted of:

  • demolition works
  • stormwater relocation & drainage works
  • pavement & kerb works
  • traffic signal upgrade
  • line markings

Shared user path construction works within the car park consisted of:

  • footpath removal
  • retaining wall construction
  • public lighting pole relocation
  • line markings

Presidents Park Improvements

Location: Wyndham Vale, Melbourne, VIC

Client: Wyndham City Council

Date: July – December 2018

The Presidents Park Landscape Improvements project consisted of the demolition of existing concrete steps / paths, garden beds and lawn areas. The construction and install of new concrete paths, walls, steps, asphalt road, garden beds, irrigation, lawn areas and furniture and structures.

(Progress in the baseball area)

(Progress in the hockey area)


Works were completed inside of the park and close to the Baseball and Hockey Pavilions. At least one access was needed to be maintained to the pavilions at all times throughout construction.


Talaskia Reserve

Location: Upper Ferntree Gully, Melbourne, VIC

Client: Knox City Council

Date: September – December 2018

A social space and multi-court with shelter, picnic tables and furniture, a new drainage system, planting as well as 13 weeks maintenance is included in the scope of works at the Upper Ferntree Gully project.


The scope of work included:

  • Demolition of the existing tennis courts and other associated infrastructure
  • Install of a Plexipave Multi-court with basketball, netball hoop, junior tennis ‘hot shot’ court and running track
  • Social space with shelter, picnic tables and furniture
  • New drainage system
  • Planting
  • Maintenance

Deakin Uni Courtyards

Location: Burwood, VIC

Client: Deakin University

Date: 2018

Ace Landscape Services was engaged by Deakin University to undertake the upgrade of two courtyards on their grounds.



As well as our Landscape team upgrading the courtyard of Building P, our Ace Maintenance team were there for the following 13 weeks, keeping it in tip top shape.



Courtyard M was also maintained by our Ace Maintenance team for the following 13 weeks after completion.

Vic Track RRMW

Location: Various, Melbourne, VIC

Client: Vic Track

Date: 2017 – 2018

The Road and Rail Minor Works package for Vic Track included 5 carparks, 4 bike park stations, 11 bike hoop locations all spread from North Geelong all the way to Wodonga. All works were located at an operational station carparks being used for parking and railway travel by commuters.



ACE delivered new car parking including pavements, drainage, footpath, lighting and CCTV, and soft landscaping at Woodend Station.



Construction of a new railway station carpark including asphalt pavements, concrete footpaths, drainage, bike parking, CCTV and lighting.



ACE constructed new car parking including pavements, drainage, footpath, lighting and CCTV, as well as soft landscaping.



ACE constructed new car parking including pavements, lighting and CCTV, drainage, footpath, as well as soft landscaping.



A new railway station carpark was constructed including asphalt pavements, concrete footpaths, drainage, CCTV and lighting.