Grey River Bridge Replacement

Location: Great Ocean Road, Victoria

Client: VicRoads South Western Region

Date: August 2017 – June 2018

The original Great Ocean Rd Bridge over the Grey River was constructed in 1963 and is coming to the end of its service life, requiring replacement. The existing structure consists of a single span, u-slab beam and deck with W-beam railing. Complexities of the site include the existing carriageway being located on a hairpin bend and the road has a sharp dip, with the bridge at the low point. There are two carparks either side of the bridge, but there is no pedestrian access between them. The southern carpark has beach access, which ACE maintained during construction.

The newly designed structure and approaches:

  • Raise the road level by up to 1m, to correct the severe dip at the bridge.
  • Straighten the bend slightly to increase the posed speed through the bend.

ACE’s scope includes the installation and construction of new 25m long integral Super-T bridge beams, supported by 8 No. 1m dia piles, socketed 2m into bedrock. The new bridge also has medium to high containment steel bridge railing at either side, new kerb and channel, with side entry pits allowing better stormwater drainage into Grey River below.