Graduate Program

ACE’s Graduate Program has been operating for some years now and we believe in employing and training new graduates by giving them responsibility and autonomy, through a real job with real challenges.

A brief outline of the Graduate Program at ACE looks something like this:

  • Two year program comprising of time spent in the office and on site.
  • The program consists rotating through the following areas: OHS management, quantity surveying, quality control, compliance, and surveying.
  • Each Graduate is assigned a mentor for the first 12 months of their time with us.
  • Monthly Reviews – your performance will be reviewed monthly for the first 6 months, to ensure we are both ‘on track’ and maximising your learning.
  • Grad Breakfasts – Collective breakfasts are held every two months to discuss progress, innovation and ways to learn from each other.
  • Training – Each Graduate undertakes a minimum of 1 days formal training in their first 6-12 months.
  • Remuneration – An incremental pay increase occurs at 6 months, and annually thereafter.
  • Career break – Should you desire, you will be provided with the option of a 3 month career break after 24 months with us. You can pick up your job where you left off upon your return.  
  • Graduate Passion Project – You have the opportunity to partake in a humanitarian project in third world country, if you desire. Live your Passions!

How do you apply?


Step Stage Process
Step 1 Application Email your CV and a cover letter as well as a copy of your academic results to
Step 2 Telephone Interview If applicants proceed to this stage, the initial interview will be conducted over the phone and will take approximately 15 minutes to complete
Step 3 First Round Interview – Group Information Session If successful, you will be invited to be part of a Group Information Session, where you will join us at head office and learn more about ACE and the Grad Program we offer.  We also get to meet you and learn about your background and passions!
Step 4 Individual Assessment If successful, the applicant will progress to psychometric testing
Step 5 Second Round Interview You will now be invited back for a second round interview
Step 6 Acceptance If successful, you will be contacted with a letter of offer with a start date and online induction can begin