Melton Main Road Bridge

Location: Melton, Victoria

Client: VicRoads

Date: February – April 2016

ACE recently delivered the reconstruction of the 4 lane Melton Main Road (High Street) Bridge, over Toolern Creek, for VicRoads. Initially it was to be a strengthening project, but became a reconstruction project.

The project was a showcase for many of ACE’s disciplines. We managed the civil, infrastructure, environmental, electrical and landscape aspects of the project.

This project was extremely time sensitive, it required the total closure of this road during construction and ACE worked collaboratively, to a tight schedule, in order to reopen the bridge and road for through traffic.

Scope of works for the contract included:

  • Traffic management
  • Demolition of the superstructure
  • Excavation and construction of mass concrete bridge approaches
  • Modification of abutments, wing walls and piers
  • Construction of bridge & pylons
  • Construction of 23 reinforced concrete piles for off-structure barriers
  • Drainage
  • Road surfacing, line marking
  • Fencing and road furniture
  • Soft landscaping including planting

Key Delivery Challenges: 

  • Technical Issues – The original design involved the deck being post tensioned during trafficking over one side. This was not technically achievable and ACE proposed to close the road for a 3-week period and demolish and re-build the deck in order to maintain the quality of the project and minimise disruption and safety concerns to the public.  The result was a safer construction site, a drastically reduced construction program and reduced duration of interruption.
  • Traffic Management – High Street, Melton, carries 16,200 vpd. A full bridge/road closure occurred from mid-February to mid-March 2016, with detours via Yuille Street and Melton Valley Road. The closure was followed by a partial lane closure over a two week period. Traffic was managed to maintain vehicle access to Hannah Watts Park and 24 hour access to nearby properties.
  • Pedestrian and Cyclist Management – An existing shared path passed under the bridge. An alternative shared path was provided to accommodate pedestrians and cyclists during the 5 weeks of bridge construction.
  • Working over Toolern Creek – The bridge was located within a flood plain, and the area experienced frequent flooding. The works were scheduled during the summer, to reduce the risk of flooding impact. An approved containment system plan and permit to work was established prior to commencement of the works, to meet the needs of Melbourne Water, and an approved containment system plan and permit to work was established prior to the commencement of works.
    An environmental management plan was developed and approved by VicRoads to enable ACE to construct a piling pad in the existing waterway. The plan involved protection of the existing creek bed, removal and reinstatement of the rock and natural fetchers and sediment control both up stream and down.
  • Recycled Water Main – Prior to demolition, an existing water main was attached to the bridge and was lowered. After installation of the new bridge beams, the water main was installed in its new location.
  • Significant trees – There were significant trees in close proximity to the works. An arborist was engaged prior to tree pruning and a Tree Protection Zone was established during the construction work.