Moorabool Windfarm

Location: Mt Wallace, Melbourne, VIC

Client: Zenviron

Date:  Sept 2018 – May 2019

Work consists of the construction of 26km of access track for 50 wind turbines in the North and 31km of access track for 54 wind turbines in the south, excavation and preparation for wind turbine foundations as well as the construction of compounds, hardstands and laydown areas (used for the placing, lifting, installing of the wind turbines). ACE is also contracted to backfill all foundations with structural fill and finally rehabilitate all areas that overlap into the construction activity area.

The project is located 5km south of Ballan made up predominantly of farmland situated along the Moorabool River, the land itself is rich with cultural heritage primarily in Flora and is home to the Wadawurrung tribe. As this project is environmentally sensitive only designated construction zones will be permitted and the access to outside of these areas will be strictly prohibited, hence contaminants and waste must be kept to an absolute minimum.

The turbine blades are approx. 80m in length and weigh 20ton. (Similar to the breadth of a jumbo jet to put that into perspective.)

The installation of the first tower section by the head contractor at the windfarm project is underway, this single piece is 106 tonne and 25m long.

To help keep pace with an ambitious construction program, ACE utilised drill and blast contractors Sequel Impact Drill & Blast to assist, almost halving the excavation timeframes when dealing with hard rock excavations at the Moorabool Windfarm.