Moorabool Windfarm

Location: Mt Wallace, Melbourne, VIC

Client: Zenviron

Date:  Sept 2018 – May 2019

Work consists of the construction of 26km of access track for 50 wind turbines in the North and 31km of access track for 54 wind turbines in the south, excavation and preparation for wind turbine foundations as well as the construction of compounds, hardstands and laydown areas (used for the placing, lifting, installing of the wind turbines). ACE is also contracted to backfill all foundations with structural fill and finally rehabilitate all areas that overlap into the construction activity area.

The project is located 5km south of Ballan made up predominantly of farmland situated along the Moorabool River, the land itself is rich with cultural heritage primarily in Flora and is home to the Wadawurrung tribe. As this project is environmentally sensitive only designated construction zones will be permitted and the access to outside of these areas will be strictly prohibited, hence contaminants and waste must be kept to an absolute minimum.

The turbine blades are approx. 80m in length and weigh 20ton. (Similar to the breadth of a jumbo jet to put that into perspective.)

The installation of the first tower section by the head contractor at the windfarm project is underway, this single piece is 106 tonne and 25m long.

To help keep pace with an ambitious construction program, ACE utilised drill and blast contractors Sequel Impact Drill & Blast to assist, almost halving the excavation timeframes when dealing with hard rock excavations at the Moorabool Windfarm.

Mernda Junction External Works

Location: Bridge Inn & Plenty Road, Mernda, Melbourne, VIC

Client: HACER

Date: February 2018 – February 2019

ACE were engaged by Hacer to complete the external infrastructure works at the new Mernda Junction shopping centre on Bridge Inn & Plenty Road, Mernda.

The scope of works consisted of new storm water drainage, installation of new HV conduits and substations, water reticulation system, public lighting, traffic signal intersection, concrete footpath, asphalt pavement construction and asphalt re-sheet.


Hume Drive Duplication

Location: Hume Drive, Taylor’s Hill, VIC

Client: Melton City Council

Date:  January – November 2018

ACE were engaged by Melton City Council to expand the two lane road to four lanes between Calder Park Drive and Copperfield Drive, with a section of the construction within the City of Brimbank.

Existing roundabouts will also be upgraded, traffic signals are to be installed at Hume Drive and Overton Lea Boulevard, civil works, relocation of services and landscaping works undertaken.

Both Ace Electrical Services and Ace Infrastructure were involved in this job.


River Red Gum Parkland Project

Location: Glenroy, VIC

Client: The Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust (GMCT)

Date: March 2017 – November 2018

ACE was engaged by The Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust (GMCT) to undertake both the 1A and 1B Packages associated with the River Red Gum Parkland development of the greenfield site, north of the existing Northern Memorial Park.

Stage 1A & 1B included the construction of approximately 4,500 new monumental graves and 2,100 lawn graves, the scope included:

  • Earthworks
  • Underground stormwater drainage works
  • Concrete works, including kerb and channel, vehicle crossings, footpaths, paving
  • Construction of new roads
  • Construction of new pathways
  • Landscape decorative pavements
  • WSUD swales and ponds
  • Rock beaching
  • Landscape planting
  • Grave infrastructure construction including piling
  • Establishment and maintenance period

Stage 1A was completed in February 2018 and Stage 1B in February 2019.


Song He Yuan Extension Works

Location: Springvale Botanical Cemetery

Client: Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust (SMCT)

Date:  November 2017 – May 2018

Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust (SMCT) is undertaking an extension to the Song He Yuan
section of Springvale Botanical Cemetery to meet a much needed demand for burial spaces.
ACE has been contracted to undertake the early works package for the overall main works of the extension.

In addition, ACE’s scope includes the construction of a truck wash bay structure, at a separate area of the site.
This will be a 3 truck bay steel building, which will include a pressure washer and hydraulic system.
The size of this structure is approximately 20m long x 12m wide x 5m tall.


ACE’s scope includes:

  • Demolition of existing structures, roads, drainage and service conduits
  • Bulk earthworks
  • Construction of new roads
  • Retaining wall construction
  • Hardstand area construction
  • Construction of water features
  • Hard and soft landscaping
  • Drainage and services

Victorian New Schools PPP

Location: Cranbourne North, Mernda, Point Cook and North Geelong, Victoria

Client: Watpac Construction

Date: November 2015 – Jan 2018

Watpac, as part of the Learning Communities Victoria consortium, delivered the New Schools Project PPP for the Victorian State Government. The consortium built and will maintain 15 new government schools across Victoria, including primary, secondary and special schools, in addition to some community facilities. The schools are located in the state’s fastest growing areas.
Each of the new schools will also function as a community hub, opening up access to a range of facilities for local families. The project provides gyms, swimming pools, meeting spaces, adult learning spaces, and childcare facilities alongside world-class school facilities.

Ace is delivering civil and landscape construction at the following four new schools, as part of Tranche 1 and 2, for Watpac:
1. Casey Central East Primary School
2. Mernda Central, Prep – Year 12 School
3. Point Cook South, Prep – Year 9 School
4. North Geelong Special Developmental School (SDS)


Melbourne Airport T4 Pavement

Location: Tullamarine, VIC

Client: Leighton Contractors Pty Ltd

Date: July 2014 – November 2015

Works at Terminal 4 – Melbourne Airport involved the demolition of existing pavement and the construction of 2 layers of new concrete.

Scope of works for the contract included:

  • Demolition of existing pavement
  • Concreting
  • Spray sealing
  • Blockwork wall and footing construction

Key Delivery Challenges: 

  • Due to the site being Melbourne Airport there was tight National level security
  • Difficulties with access and staging

NBN Satellite Ground Stations

Location: Broken Hill and Wolumla, NSW , Castle Forbes, TAS, Ceduna, SA

Client: Cockram Constructions Ltd (ultimate client NBN Co)

Date: March 2013 – November 2014

The satellite ground stations form part of the NBN Long Term Satellite Service that provides high speed broadband to regional, rural and remote Australia. Stations are located in New South Wales, South Australia & Tasmania.

Scope of works for the contract included:

• Stripping of site and rectification of poor subgrade
• Filling site with road base (3500t) and using material won by increasing existing dam size (6000m3)
• Installation of electrical & communications conduits placed within concrete capped trench into shared pits, supplying building structure, antenna footings, light poles and other infrastructure
• Concrete construction of antenna footing, building slab and footings, structural slabs, footpaths and curbs
• Sealed and unsealed crushed rock pavements, spray seal, line marking and wheel stops


Bendigo Hospital

Location: Bendigo, Victoria

Client: Lend Lease Building Pty Ltd (on behalf of the Exemplar Health consortium)


Courtyard Landscaping Package:
October 2015 – November 2016
Barnard Precinct Civil & Landscaping Package:
January 2016 – October 2017
Multi-Deck Carpark Civil Package:
June 2017 – August 2017

The $650M Bendigo Hospital Project is the largest regional hospital development in Victoria. It will deliver a world-class regional hospital incorporating the latest design and technology solutions, in a tranquil and caring environment.

The overall project includes 80,000m2 of floor area, consisting of 2,800 rooms, 550 new beds, 11 operating theatres, an integrated cancer centre, a parent-infant unit, a childcare centre, wellness centre, hotel, conference centre, multi-deck carpark, helipad, pedestrian link bridge over Arnold Street, retail shops and cafés.

The Exemplar Health consortium has been engaged by the State to design, build, finance and maintain the new Bendigo Hospital. ACE’s client, Lendlease, is part of the consortium and is responsible for project management, design and construction of the hospital. It is also a provider of equity for the project.

The new hospital buildings and gardens will provide the local community with a new meeting place and it is the intention of all the project partners that the completed site becomes a place people feel comfortable visiting and enjoying whenever they want to, not just when they have a clinical need.

ACE was responsible for delivering the following 3 civil and landscaping packages:

Courtyard & Balcony Landscaping Package:
ACE was responsible for the construction of 46 internal courtyards and balconies, spread over 7 floors.  The scope included hard and soft landscaping, plant supply and planting, irrigation, and maintenance until acceptance of the overall project. Some of the elements included in the courtyards are play equipment, pergolas, fixed furniture, BBQs, games boards, wall murals, timber decking, and feature paving – there were 7 different hard pavement surfaces, including travertine from Turkey, bluestone from China, and custom tiles from Italy. There is also synthetic grass, various mulches and soft garden elements, including planting and irrigation. Over 100 pieces of furniture were installed, including custom timber and glass reinforced concrete furniture, custom pergolas and screens, and also a dedicated Aboriginal courtyard – extensive consultation was undertaken with local indigenous groups.

Barnard Precinct External Works Package:
ACE was awarded a second contract for the execution of external works within the Barnard Precinct – incorporating 3 carparks and 2 internal roads. Scope included bulk earthworks including management and disposal of contaminated soil (benzo(a)pyrene, heavy metals and PAHs), roadworks, retaining walls, car parking, ground level courtyards and landscaping. Critical to the success of this package and the overall project was the staging of the civil works to enable existing activities to continue within the live hospital and medical university environment.

Lucan Precinct Civil and Groundworks Package:
ACE is currently delivering a third package for the Lucan Precinct civil works associated with the new multi level carpark. This includes bulk earthworks, detailed excavation, disposal of Category C contaminated soil and high arsenic fill, and concrete footings.

Key Delivery Challenges: 

  • Politically sensitive project
  • Interfaces with other contractors
  • Tight timeframe
  • An extension of time was required for one of the milestones, as internal courtyard waterproofing was not ready in time for ACE’s work to commence
  • Adjacent buildings and structures to the site were heritage listed. ACE successfully implemented a heritage management plan, meeting all applicable heritage guidelines
  • The soil specification was reviewed to meet the client’s other requirement to use local products and whilst still achieving a best fit for application in internal courtyards
  • Contaminated soils, including:
    – Category B – Arsenic, mercury, zinc, benzo(a)pyrene & total Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs)
    – Category B reclassified as Cat C (subject to acceptance at local landfill) – arsenic & mercury
    – Category C – Arsenic, mercury, lead
    – Fill materials containing low to mid-level arsenic (not “clean” but below Cat C levels)

Westfield Redevelopment

Location: Narre Warren, Victoria

Client: Westfield Design & Construct

Date: Complete January 2013

Ace executed the bulk earthworks and civil works associated with a major expansion to the Fountain Gate retail facility.

Scope of works for the contract included:

  • Bulk excavation (100,000m3)
  • Car park construction and reconstruction
  • Bored piers to retain the existing building structure
  • Construction of large pad footings to support the new multi-deck carparks and building structures
  • Soil nail and shotcrete retaining walls
  • Stormwater drainage system, including two large detention tanks and gross pollutant traps
  • A new bus interchange
  • Loading docks
  • Internal roads, coloured pavements, road and parking signage, and line-marking
  • Installation of electrical and irrigation conduits
  • Installation of a 200m long, underground, concrete encased, high voltage cable
  • Permanent Armco railing and fencing

Key Delivery Challenges: 

  • Traffic and pedestrian management associated with an operational shopping centre
  • 24hr access for retail activities and deliveries
  • Interfaces with other contractors