Moorabool Windfarm

Location: Mt Wallace, Melbourne, VIC

Client: Zenviron

Date:  Sept 2018 – May 2019

Work consists of the construction of 26km of access track for 50 wind turbines in the North and 31km of access track for 54 wind turbines in the south, excavation and preparation for wind turbine foundations as well as the construction of compounds, hardstands and laydown areas (used for the placing, lifting, installing of the wind turbines). ACE is also contracted to backfill all foundations with structural fill and finally rehabilitate all areas that overlap into the construction activity area.

The project is located 5km south of Ballan made up predominantly of farmland situated along the Moorabool River, the land itself is rich with cultural heritage primarily in Flora and is home to the Wadawurrung tribe. As this project is environmentally sensitive only designated construction zones will be permitted and the access to outside of these areas will be strictly prohibited, hence contaminants and waste must be kept to an absolute minimum.

The turbine blades are approx. 80m in length and weigh 20ton. (Similar to the breadth of a jumbo jet to put that into perspective.)

The installation of the first tower section by the head contractor at the windfarm project is underway, this single piece is 106 tonne and 25m long.

To help keep pace with an ambitious construction program, ACE utilised drill and blast contractors Sequel Impact Drill & Blast to assist, almost halving the excavation timeframes when dealing with hard rock excavations at the Moorabool Windfarm.

Mernda Junction External Works

Location: Bridge Inn & Plenty Road, Mernda, Melbourne, VIC

Client: HACER

Date: February 2018 – February 2019

ACE were engaged by Hacer to complete the external infrastructure works at the new Mernda Junction shopping centre on Bridge Inn & Plenty Road, Mernda.

The scope of works consisted of new storm water drainage, installation of new HV conduits and substations, water reticulation system, public lighting, traffic signal intersection, concrete footpath, asphalt pavement construction and asphalt re-sheet.


Mernda Rail Extension Upgrades

Location: South Morang, Victoria

Client: John Holland

Date:  Dec 2018 – Feb 2019

As a continuation of the Mernda Rail Extension project, Ace Infrastructure were engaged by John Holland to undertake works on  McDonalds Road as well as upgrades to the South Morang Station car park (#2).

Pedestrian crossing upgrade works on McDonalds Road consisted of:

  • demolition works
  • stormwater relocation & drainage works
  • pavement & kerb works
  • traffic signal upgrade
  • line markings

Shared user path construction works within the car park consisted of:

  • footpath removal
  • retaining wall construction
  • public lighting pole relocation
  • line markings

Vic Track RRMW

Location: Various, Melbourne, VIC

Client: Vic Track

Date: 2017 – 2018

The Road and Rail Minor Works package for Vic Track included 5 carparks, 4 bike park stations, 11 bike hoop locations all spread from North Geelong all the way to Wodonga. All works were located at an operational station carparks being used for parking and railway travel by commuters.



ACE delivered new car parking including pavements, drainage, footpath, lighting and CCTV, and soft landscaping at Woodend Station.



Construction of a new railway station carpark including asphalt pavements, concrete footpaths, drainage, bike parking, CCTV and lighting.



ACE constructed new car parking including pavements, drainage, footpath, lighting and CCTV, as well as soft landscaping.



ACE constructed new car parking including pavements, lighting and CCTV, drainage, footpath, as well as soft landscaping.



A new railway station carpark was constructed including asphalt pavements, concrete footpaths, drainage, CCTV and lighting.

Hume Drive Duplication

Location: Hume Drive, Taylor’s Hill, VIC

Client: Melton City Council

Date:  January – November 2018

ACE were engaged by Melton City Council to expand the two lane road to four lanes between Calder Park Drive and Copperfield Drive, with a section of the construction within the City of Brimbank.

Existing roundabouts will also be upgraded, traffic signals are to be installed at Hume Drive and Overton Lea Boulevard, civil works, relocation of services and landscaping works undertaken.

Both Ace Electrical Services and Ace Infrastructure were involved in this job.


Keilor Road Intersection Upgrade

Location: Niddrie,VIC

Client: VicRoads

Date:  May 2018 – Nov 2019

Ace Infrastructure completed the intersection upgrade works at Keilor Road / Newman Street and Keilor Road / Grange Road in Niddrie. The works under this contract included road widening, kerb and channel works, drainage, guard barrier works, fencing, public lighting, traffic signal, asphalt works, line marking as well as signage at 2 intersections.

There is estimated 7000 vehicles per day at this location.

Pykes Creek Bridge Strengthening

Location: Western Fwy, Myrniong, Vic

Client: VicRoads South Western Region

Date: January 2018 – July 2018


This project involved two new cross-over pavements and one existing emergency cross-over to be re-surfaced. Once the freeway was closed, works could start on the bridge works and upgrades of the Western Freeway bridge over Pykes Creek Reservoir on the Melbourne bound bridge.


ACE Infrastructure Pty Ltd had undertaken steel works on the northern bridge across Pykes Creek. The work goal of the works was to strengthen the existing structure, re-surface the bridge deck, and re-open to traffic.

Delivery Challenges

  • Complex traffic staging around tie in points requiring over 20 individual TMP’s
  • Long lead time for steel manufacture and shipping of TP components
  • Survey challenging using total station, no good PM’s or TBM
  • As-built structure and water level drawings were hand drawn in feet and inches from 1968
  • At time of award, piers 2 and 3 steel were under water, levels had to drop for installation
  • Location of existing steel reinforcement was difficult to pinpoint for dowel installations


  • Arbitrary Laser scan of under-side of bridge completed, using new BM’s
  • Scaffolding and pontoons were used to access the under-side of bridge (normal scaffolding not practical)

Environmental Management

  • Measures were taken to protect Pykes Creek from runoff and spillage from the scaffolding and pontoons under the bridge.
  • Impact on water levels was kept to a minimum by extracting data from the past 8 years of water levels and timing works to coincide with the usual drop in water during December to March.

Grey River Bridge Replacement

Location: Great Ocean Road, Victoria

Client: VicRoads South Western Region

Date: August 2017 – June 2018

The original Great Ocean Rd Bridge over the Grey River was constructed in 1963 and is coming to the end of its service life, requiring replacement. The existing structure consists of a single span, u-slab beam and deck with W-beam railing. Complexities of the site include the existing carriageway being located on a hairpin bend and the road has a sharp dip, with the bridge at the low point. There are two carparks either side of the bridge, but there is no pedestrian access between them. The southern carpark has beach access, which ACE maintained during construction.

The newly designed structure and approaches:

  • Raise the road level by up to 1m, to correct the severe dip at the bridge.
  • Straighten the bend slightly to increase the posed speed through the bend.

ACE’s scope includes the installation and construction of new 25m long integral Super-T bridge beams, supported by 8 No. 1m dia piles, socketed 2m into bedrock. The new bridge also has medium to high containment steel bridge railing at either side, new kerb and channel, with side entry pits allowing better stormwater drainage into Grey River below.



Monash Uni Nature Walk

Location: Clayton, Victoria

Client: Monash University

Date: March 2016 – October 2016

As a part of Monash University’s 15 year plan for their natural historic Jock Marshall Reserve Nature Walk, Ace was contracted to undertake the construction and installation of a modular designed elevated timber boardwalk, along with landscaping works, including planting.

The elevated boardwalk provides safe access from Blackburn Road to the campus.

In addition, Ace also undertook remedial works, new paving and construction of a 2km running track, with a 1km DDA compliant loop around the oval, featuring after hours lighting, exercise stations and drinking fountains.

Scope of works for the contract included:

  • Demolition
  • Bulk earthworks
  • Steel structure with timber decking
  • Insitu concrete works
  • Conduits and trenching works
  • Pavement construction
  • Piling works
  • Dam wall works
  • Retaining wall construction
  • Installation of furniture and signage
  • Installation of fencing and balustrades
  • Planting, mulching and grassing
  • Electrical works

Key Delivery Challenges: 

  • University Operations – Management of pedestrian movements through and around the project site, including programming of works to suit stakeholder activities
  • Environment – Protection of significant trees and planting areas in culturally and environmentally sensitive areas
  • Noise – Management of noise through program planning and early notification to affected stakeholders
  • Access – Limited space for site compound, parking and stockpiling, combined with time restrictions in some site areas, made delivery and storage of material, mobilisation of plant difficult and as a result meant complex access programming
  • Program – Achieving program milestones, despite reduced work hours and design changes


Melton Main Road Bridge

Location: Melton, Victoria

Client: VicRoads

Date: February – April 2016

ACE recently delivered the reconstruction of the 4 lane Melton Main Road (High Street) Bridge, over Toolern Creek, for VicRoads. Initially it was to be a strengthening project, but became a reconstruction project.

The project was a showcase for many of ACE’s disciplines. We managed the civil, infrastructure, environmental, electrical and landscape aspects of the project.

This project was extremely time sensitive, it required the total closure of this road during construction and ACE worked collaboratively, to a tight schedule, in order to reopen the bridge and road for through traffic.

Scope of works for the contract included:

  • Traffic management
  • Demolition of the superstructure
  • Excavation and construction of mass concrete bridge approaches
  • Modification of abutments, wing walls and piers
  • Construction of bridge & pylons
  • Construction of 23 reinforced concrete piles for off-structure barriers
  • Drainage
  • Road surfacing, line marking
  • Fencing and road furniture
  • Soft landscaping including planting

Key Delivery Challenges: 

  • Technical Issues – The original design involved the deck being post tensioned during trafficking over one side. This was not technically achievable and ACE proposed to close the road for a 3-week period and demolish and re-build the deck in order to maintain the quality of the project and minimise disruption and safety concerns to the public.  The result was a safer construction site, a drastically reduced construction program and reduced duration of interruption.
  • Traffic Management – High Street, Melton, carries 16,200 vpd. A full bridge/road closure occurred from mid-February to mid-March 2016, with detours via Yuille Street and Melton Valley Road. The closure was followed by a partial lane closure over a two week period. Traffic was managed to maintain vehicle access to Hannah Watts Park and 24 hour access to nearby properties.
  • Pedestrian and Cyclist Management – An existing shared path passed under the bridge. An alternative shared path was provided to accommodate pedestrians and cyclists during the 5 weeks of bridge construction.
  • Working over Toolern Creek – The bridge was located within a flood plain, and the area experienced frequent flooding. The works were scheduled during the summer, to reduce the risk of flooding impact. An approved containment system plan and permit to work was established prior to commencement of the works, to meet the needs of Melbourne Water, and an approved containment system plan and permit to work was established prior to the commencement of works.
    An environmental management plan was developed and approved by VicRoads to enable ACE to construct a piling pad in the existing waterway. The plan involved protection of the existing creek bed, removal and reinstatement of the rock and natural fetchers and sediment control both up stream and down.
  • Recycled Water Main – Prior to demolition, an existing water main was attached to the bridge and was lowered. After installation of the new bridge beams, the water main was installed in its new location.
  • Significant trees – There were significant trees in close proximity to the works. An arborist was engaged prior to tree pruning and a Tree Protection Zone was established during the construction work.