Location: Queen Victoria Gardens, Melbourne, VIC

Client: KANE Constructions

Date: July 2018 – October 2018

Ace Landscape Services was involved in the construction of the fifth MPavilion for KANE Constructions, designed by Barcelona-based architect Carme Pinós. Open from October 2018 through to February 2019, it’s host to a list of events including yoga, dance classes, music and of course a conversation evening event with Carme herself. The MPavilion kiosk is open daily stocked with coffee, snacks and licenced beverages. An iconic Melbourne event which we are very proud to be a part of.

Cowes Jetty Triangle

Location: Phillip Island, Victoria

Client: Bass Coast Council

Date: October 2017 – September 2018

As part of the Phillip Island Cowes Revitalisation Project, ACE undertook the redevelopment of the Jetty Triangle. ACE’s scope for this design and construction project included demolition of the existing facilities, installation of terraced, grassed areas for community events, new pathways and landscaping. Accessibility for all persons will be a significant feature of the project.  Ace is proud to have been a part of this exciting project that will surely enhance the infrastructure for the local community.

Cowes Jetty Triangle before construction:

Ace’s scope included:

  • Complete Concept Design, Function design and Detailed design
  • Obtain Planning permit and Council approvals and undertake community liaison
  • Design Install Street and feature lighting
  • Demolition of existing car park
  • Construction of new retaining wall, feature paving &  new pedestrian piazza
  • passive lawn areas and garden beds

Pykes Creek Bridge Strengthening

Location: Western Fwy, Myrniong, Vic

Client: VicRoads South Western Region

Date: January 2018 – July 2018


This project involved two new cross-over pavements and one existing emergency cross-over to be re-surfaced. Once the freeway was closed, works could start on the bridge works and upgrades of the Western Freeway bridge over Pykes Creek Reservoir on the Melbourne bound bridge.


ACE Infrastructure Pty Ltd had undertaken steel works on the northern bridge across Pykes Creek. The work goal of the works was to strengthen the existing structure, re-surface the bridge deck, and re-open to traffic.

Delivery Challenges

  • Complex traffic staging around tie in points requiring over 20 individual TMP’s
  • Long lead time for steel manufacture and shipping of TP components
  • Survey challenging using total station, no good PM’s or TBM
  • As-built structure and water level drawings were hand drawn in feet and inches from 1968
  • At time of award, piers 2 and 3 steel were under water, levels had to drop for installation
  • Location of existing steel reinforcement was difficult to pinpoint for dowel installations


  • Arbitrary Laser scan of under-side of bridge completed, using new BM’s
  • Scaffolding and pontoons were used to access the under-side of bridge (normal scaffolding not practical)

Environmental Management

  • Measures were taken to protect Pykes Creek from runoff and spillage from the scaffolding and pontoons under the bridge.
  • Impact on water levels was kept to a minimum by extracting data from the past 8 years of water levels and timing works to coincide with the usual drop in water during December to March.

Grey River Bridge Replacement

Location: Great Ocean Road, Victoria

Client: VicRoads South Western Region

Date: August 2017 – June 2018

The original Great Ocean Rd Bridge over the Grey River was constructed in 1963 and is coming to the end of its service life, requiring replacement. The existing structure consists of a single span, u-slab beam and deck with W-beam railing. Complexities of the site include the existing carriageway being located on a hairpin bend and the road has a sharp dip, with the bridge at the low point. There are two carparks either side of the bridge, but there is no pedestrian access between them. The southern carpark has beach access, which ACE maintained during construction.

The newly designed structure and approaches:

  • Raise the road level by up to 1m, to correct the severe dip at the bridge.
  • Straighten the bend slightly to increase the posed speed through the bend.

ACE’s scope includes the installation and construction of new 25m long integral Super-T bridge beams, supported by 8 No. 1m dia piles, socketed 2m into bedrock. The new bridge also has medium to high containment steel bridge railing at either side, new kerb and channel, with side entry pits allowing better stormwater drainage into Grey River below.