WEHI Child Care Centre

Location: Parkville, Vic

Client: KANE Constructions

Date: January 2018 – July 2018

Ace Landscape worked on the WEHI (Walter Eliza Hall Institute) Child Care Centre in Parkville for KANE Constructions. The 5 level centre caters for combined activities including the childcare itself as well as health and consultation services. As well as the play areas, the Ace Landscape team also did the external hardscape and carpark for the centre. A great job by all and what an extremely lucky group of kids who get to play here!



The centre is a first of its kind for a medical research Institute in Australia.

Professor Doug Hilton states “I am deeply proud to deliver on the Institute’s commitment to our families and gender equity in science by providing vital services and opportunities to parents dedicating their working lives to the wellbeing of our communities.”