ACE Today

Today ACE is a mid-sized, vertically integrated contractor, operating in the Civil, Infrastructure, Electrical, Landscape, Water and Environment sectors.

Our clients include tier 1 construction companies, road authorities, rail authorities, local governments, Defence, water utilities, power utilities and other government bodies. Projects typically include earthworks, civil works, structures (bridges, foundations, etc), roads, pavements, parking, rail infrastructure, water and drainage infrastructure, landscaping, HV electrical and substations.

On the building side, we perform work for an extensive range of developers and builders, both large and small. This covers many industries – industrial, commercial, health, education, defence and community infrastructure.

The company now undertakes projects throughout Australia, has around 200 EFT staff and has an annual turnover just under $150M.

With construction set to boom in SE Australia generally and in Victoria in particular, ACE is well placed for sustainable, profitable growth in its core markets.


Our clients benefit from our local knowledge and extensive experience gained over the past 45 years. Successful client outcomes are ensured by our proven skills and commitment to timely delivery. ACE recognises that reputations are built on performance. Our team has a well-deserved reputation for successfully delivering projects that meet our clients’ expectations for price, service, quality and timely completion. At ACE, it’s our people that make the difference.

Ace Footprint

We have made a positive mark across Australia:

Our Culture

‘My philosophy for success is, you get the culture right and the people right, that’s 85% of it.’
– Graham, Managing Director