Photo shoot guidelines

SLR (Single-Lens Reflex) photography is top-notch, but your mobile phone works just fine. Here are some essential tips to enhance your mobile photography skills

Safety First

Ensure anyone taking photos wears the necessary safety gear such as hard hats, ear protection, gloves, long sleeves and long pants.


Content shoots should mirror and showcase the diversity present in our workforce across projects.
For the best and most authentic outcomes, select individuals who are at ease and willing to appear on camera.


Make sure that only ACE or Built Environs branding is visible unless directed otherwise. This applies to individuals, as well as vehicles and equipment. Pay attention to your surroundings

Leave extra space

When taking photos, leave extra space around the subject so titles can be added.
For landscape shots, leave space on the left and right sides. For portrait shots, leave space above and below the subject.It will allow us to edit and crop the photo more easily.

High Resolution

How to take high-resolution photos on your Samsung phone

1. Open the Camera app.
2. Tap the Settings icon.
3. Scroll down and tap Camera ratio.
4. Select 3:4 64MP.

Now you’re ready to take high-resolution photos. Just tap the shutter button to capture the image.

Note: If you have a phone from another brand, the settings may be different. However, the general process should be similar.

Pay Attention to Lighting

Good lighting is crucial for any photograph. Natural light works best, so try to shoot during the golden hours (early morning or late afternoon). Avoid Smartphone flashes.

Don’t Edit

Give us your photos as is so that we can have the freedom to edit it as needed.

Tell a story

Provide the job number and a brief description of your photo so we can create a story around it.

It’s okay to take a lot of photos. Focus on capturing the best shots of the site. These images are not for tender submissions but for showcasing happy faces and interesting scenes for marketing purposes. Your photos mirror our company’s expertise and quality. Let your images speak volumes!

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