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About ACE


We work hard to provide our staff with opportunities and resources to be themselves, work to their strengths and fulfil their personal and professional goals. Great people make for a great business and our people are our success story.


ACE’s culture is based on respect, valuing diversity and appreciating that differences can make us stronger.  We are proud of the many nationalities that represent our workplace and the rich working experience this brings to us all.

Social Procurement

Provides us a pathway to leverage our buying power to generate social value for our communities, clients and staff. We see every purchase and partnership as an opportunity to leave a legacy.


Is about taking the long view to building a better world. We believe that acting responsibly is good for business, helping us to provide smarter solutions for our clients, communities and planet.

ACE's Story

ACE Contractors Group Pty. Ltd. commenced operations in 1971 as a Melbourne based civil construction company with a solid reputation for construction of a diversified range of civil work throughout south-eastern Australia.

Today ACE is a mid-sized, vertically integrated contractor, operating in the Civil, Infrastructure, Electrical, Landscape, Water and Environment sectors.
Our clients include tier 1 construction companies, road authorities, rail authorities, local governments, defence, water utilities, power utilities and other government bodies.
Projects typically include earthworks, civil works, structures (bridges, foundations, etc), roads, pavements, parking, rail infrastructure, water and drainage infrastructure, landscaping, HV electrical and substations.

1970's and 1980's

ACE opened an earth moving school in Park Orchards, in November 1971. In the same year ACE started operations as ACE Contractors Pty Ltd. followed by the company being restructured in June 1989 to become ACE Contractors and Staff Pty Ltd, allowing staff ownership in the business.


Warren Higgs was appointed CEO in January 2008 followed by the company being renamed ACE Contractors Group Pty Ltd, and restructured into four subsidiary companies (ACE Civil Services, ACE Infrastructure, ACE Landscape Services and ACE Environmental Services). The company expanded its work geographical across Australia and reached 100 staff, however, sadly lost Graeme Savage, ACE’s Operations Manager in the Black Saturday bush fires in Victoria in 2009. ACE Water Services launched in 2011 and ACE Electrical Services in 2012.


Simon Cock was appointed Managing Director.


ACE reached 275 employees with the addition of subcontractors and over 100 co-current projects


Our clients benefit from our local knowledge and extensive experience gained over the past 49 years. Successful client outcomes are ensured by our proven skills and commitment to timely delivery.

ACE recognises that reputations are built on performance. Our team has a well-deserved reputation for successfully delivering projects that meet our clients’ expectations for price, service, quality and timely completion. At ACE, it’s our people that make the difference.

We’re an equal opportunity employer and already employ a diverse range of men and women from all over the globe. To date we have 40 different nationalities within ACE


ACE'S Footprint

We have made a positive mark across Australia
Thousands of Dollars
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Tonnes of CO2-e
HO Solar PV & Energy Efficiency
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