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ACE Perks

From fitness to arts, we cover it all with our regular activities program.

ACE encourages health and fitness and believes a healthy lifestyle supports and enhances staff to work to a high standard. Our staff participate in marathons, group walks and boot camps. Recently staff members have been involved in the Melbourne Marathon and Corporate Triathlon.When ACE staff are not getting their heart rate up, they tap into their creative side and get involved in arts and crafts. On Valentine’s Day we challenge our staff to make their loved one a floral arrangement. We also showcase the diverse culture we are proud of at ACE by holding cooking classes.The ACE Social Club team keeps all the staff connected by organising game nights, trivia events, footy tipping competitions as well as parties throughout the year. 

Mindfulness Classes

Weekly Mindfulness sessions are held for employees to come together for a time of relaxation and rejuvenation. Whether it is office staff or site staff joining us remoting all ACE staff are encouraged to take this time for themselves.

During these sessions we are reminded of the importance of giving ourselves permission to be still and focus on our breath. As a group we reflect on the highs and lows of life and support one another along life’s journey. 

Mentoring Program

The ACE mentoring program has been implemented to help employees along their career journey. Mentors and mentees meet regularly to explore existing knowledge, experience and skills with the goal to develop and nurture the mentee.

In most cases an experienced staff member guides a newer or less experienced employees, the relationship build by the two parties fosters the giving and taking of reciprocal career advice.

Fortnightly Morning Teas

Each fortnight we put our ‘tools down’ and gather as a group to showcase one of our employee’s background and culture. ACE is ethnically diverse; we are proud of the 40 different nationalities we employee.

During this time, we explore an employee’s biography and experience food that represents their cultural background. The presentation provides our staff with an enriched experience across the globe – from Italy to Iraq, Syria to Singapore and Venezuela to Vietnam.

ACE Support Group

ACE has 40 nationalities in the organisation and sees the strength in diversity. ACE’s Support group provides support to culturally and linguistically diverse staff of the organisation to hone their communications skills and increase their awareness about Australian culture.Our goal is to translate our practise to work which can be measured in terms of productivity, more confidence and help the employee to realise their true potential. This also maximises engagement in the workplace and helps us to build a trusted relationship with our staff.

Employee Assistance Program

ACE has had an Employee Assistance Program (EAP). It provides employees with access to independent and professional counselling service.

ACE has engaged Life Resolutions’ to administer the program. Life Resolutions have registered psychologists available to assist employees who may be struggling to cope with everyday life and work issues.  Counselling is individual and confidential and is funded by ACE for a capped number of sessions.

Good times at ACE

ACE Head Office

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